Need Netgear EA201 ISA driver

Need Netgear EA201 ISA driver

Post by Long Joh » Sun, 20 Dec 1998 04:00:00

I'm trying to avoid buying another ISA ethernet card, but am having problems
getting the installer to recognize my Netgear EA201c ISA card. It is
supposedly NE2000 compatible. If anyone has any hints on where I could find
a driver for it or something similar I can modify I would be very grateful
(and $50 wealthier ;)




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Does anyone know if and how I can get Red Hat Linux 6.0 to recognize
this card. I can find little upon doing a search except that someone
claims it is a NE2000 compatibile. I printed out the hardware settings
fron W98 which show 0240h for 1/0 and IRQ 10. I entered these settings
on the options and it does not recognize it. I am what to do.


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