HELP: Hacking kernel keyboard drivers...

HELP: Hacking kernel keyboard drivers...

Post by Dav » Mon, 06 Mar 1995 04:44:20

I've got linux working on an obscure laptop.... the problem is...
the keyboard doesn't respond.  currently, I am logging in via serial port
to do things.

I know a few things:
  - keyboard stops respond immediately after the kernel is uncompressing.
      because I can't hit control-alt-del.
  - after i'm logged in, typing 'cat /proc/interrupts' tells me
    that irq 1 (keyboard) has received 2 (sometimes up to 5) interrupts
    and that number stays the same even if I pound of the keyboard.

I've tried modifying various parts of the kernel code that has to do with
  the keyboard, but to no avail..
If anyone has any experience/pointers as to what else I should try..
  please let me know!  

David Chow
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta Georgia, 30332


1. hacking the keyboard driver

I have a keyboard called the "Happy Hacking" keyboard from
It's a great keyboard.  All of the "special keys", the PGUP, PGDN,
arrow keys, F1-Fx, etc are GONE.  There is a "Fn" key which you hold
down while pressing certain letters to use those keys.  "Fn" + 1 = F1,
etc.  The end result is that you don't have to take your hands off of
the keyboard while typing, and it's much more convenient to those of
us who touch-type.

What I want to do is to mod the keyboard driver for linux to do the
same thing.  I don't care if the keys are still on my keyboard (for
when I'm using my laptop, or if I want to buy a split keyboard), but I
like typing this way.

By the way, there is NO CAPS LOCK key on the HHK!  Excellent.

Anyway, where do I find out how to do this?  Do I have to change the
kernel itself, or is there a separate driver.  Sorry I don't know
where to point myself to get started, but I'm not much of a programmer
when it comes to C, etc.  I'm more of a web-programming guy.

Thank you,

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