Support for Diamond FirePort 40 Dual ??

Support for Diamond FirePort 40 Dual ??

Post by Charles Johns » Fri, 07 Aug 1998 04:00:00

Can anyone tell me if any of the distributions have driver support for
the Diamond FirePort 40 Dual (Symbios SYM53C876 chip) ??

Charles F. Johnson
Intel Corporation
Workstation Products Division


1. Diamond's Fireport 40 Dual?


I was wondering what the performance of this dual channel UW SCSI card is
compared to some of the other ones.  I've seen this board for about $200 and
it seems like a pretty good deal.  On one channel I could hang a couple of
Cudas or Cheetahs and on the other things like a burner, CD-rom drives, and
tape drive.

Also, does any body have any experience using Initio SCSI+Ethernet in one
Its a dual channel SCSI +Ethernet/fast Ethernet card.  The main reason for
to multichannel  SCSI cards is because I am short on PCI slots.  The box
that is in
need is running RH 5.0

If anyone has some other suggestions I would be interested in hearing them.

Thanks in advance,

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