Trident 9660/968X, PCI, Linux, X

Trident 9660/968X, PCI, Linux, X

Post by Ajit Pre » Mon, 01 Apr 1996 04:00:00

The Slackware Linux 2.3 kernel on bootup complains about an unknown
PCI device. This probably causes X, when run in "-probeonly" mode,
to return only 1 clock value for the Clocks line in a device section.

Any info on any patches that can make the kernel recognize the
Trident 9660 PCI device, or on getting "X -probeonly" to return all
the clocks available on the graphics card. (If it helps, I have an
IBM Aptiva running Windows 95 with Linux in a separate partition).

Armed with the clocks available on my graphics card, I can compute the
Modelines for my monitor.


Ajit Prem


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For a computer with a Trident TGUI 9660/968x/968x that is detected by
Red Hat 7.3 ( using the setup program ), after completing the XF86
installation, the screen goes blank.

ctrl-atl-bcksp does not release.

must power down to reboot ( i think ).


also, does setup detect the video card memory?  i keep selecting 1mb
because thats what the cursor selects...could setting the wrong amount
of memory cause the problem, or is this card just so old and useless
that i should pop a new cheapo vide card in the box.

it's a dev machine at work so i really don't want to spend money on

thanking you in advance....

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