Is Media Vision Pro Sonic card supported?

Is Media Vision Pro Sonic card supported?

Post by Prasanth A Kuma » Thu, 04 Apr 1996 04:00:00

I am trying to help a friend install Linux. He has IDE drives but
his CDROM(a NEC) is a SCSI one running of the SCSI interface on his
Pro Sonic card. Is this card supported and if so what driver do I
use to make the cdrom work?

My friend would really like to use Linux if only he could get the
CDROM working. Note that we already installed Slackware on him
computer (by installing of a DOS partition)

Thanks a Lot
Prasanth Kumar


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I was just wondering if anybody out there had any success
in playing/recording sound files on a MEDIA VISION PROSONIC 16
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If so , I would like to get some pointers as to what am I doing wrong !

thanx a bunch

The Bartol Research Institute              
University of Delaware
Newark,DE 19711, USA

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