linux hardware compatibility..

linux hardware compatibility..

Post by Matthew Rich » Sat, 21 Jun 1997 04:00:00

I MAY be getting hold of an old unix server from my work for virtually
nothing.  Its a Data General AViiON, pretty old (1990-91) and i was
wondering whether it would actually be able to support linux in any
form, or if not if there's any other unix systems (well
known.prespected ones) i couold install on it?


1. Dual boot linux/Win95 and linux hardware compatibility problems

I am planning on buying a new PC and want to have a dual boot
on it, so I can work under either Windows95 or linux (probably RedHat,
but not necessarily). I have two questions:

1. Am I advised to buy two hard disk drives and dedicate one to
   Windows95 and the other to linux? Is this simpler and less
   probematic than partioning a single (larger) disk drive?

2. I have heard that linux (specifically RedHat) has some serious
   hardware compatibility problems. In particular, I have read that
   it will not work at all with Ultra DMA and Ultra ATA disk drives.
   Is this still true? My proposed hardware set-up is as follows:

Pentium 200 MMX CPU
Abit TX5 motherboard
3.2 Gb EIDE U/DRAM hard disk drives (two of them)
24x EDE Pioneer Tray CD ROM
LS-120 drive
ATI 2Mb Direct x2 video card
17" Belinea 107020 monitor
16 3D AD Chips sound board

I would be grateful if anybody has any information/advice on
any potential compatibilty problems of this hardware set-up
with linux. (I was also thinking of getting an AMD K6 processor,
but heard that this too had compatibility problems under RedHat.)

Coryn Bailer-Jones.

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