Using Iomega Jaz drive ( if they ever come out) as a Boot drive???

Using Iomega Jaz drive ( if they ever come out) as a Boot drive???

Post by Daved Da » Wed, 10 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I had been concidering using an Iomega Jaz drive (when they come out)
as the boot drive on my system...
Because i have this tendency to change operating systems every other
week or more... (involving messy reformattings/partitionings/and
backup & restores from floppies) I was thinking it would be possible
to use the Jaz drive so that whenever i want to change OS.. i could
just shutdown one OS and change the cartridge...

I was noticing on Iomega's slow homepage that the specs for the Jaz
said something about:
        Average start/stop time                 10/5 seconds
Ack!... Well anyway.. i am somewhat with exactly what that spec
        i.e does it take 10 seconds for the drive to spin-up every time you
wanna access it? (which wouldnt work for running the os from)  or is
that simply a 10 second wait on startup of the machine...?

say it aint so..?              

                        -Daved Daly


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After a week of frustration, I realize I should probably have looked
into the hardware compatibility lists before I got this fancy new
from Microcenter (a PowerSpec6320). There are several hardware
components that are not supported by Redhat Linux 5.2:
* a 3DLabs Permedia 2 graphics card
* a Netgear Fast Ethernet adapter FA310TX
* a iomega SCSI adapter (came with the new 2GB jaz drive)

In this message, I get to the last point: How can I "reach" my jaz
drive? Apparently the iomega SCSI adapter is not (yet) supported by
Otherwise, I have the impression that it would boil down to a simple
question. Does anyone have experience with this card and the 2GB jaz
Although this is the least of my installation problems, it would of
course be nice to
get the system run as a whole.

Again: any help appreciated,
Dr. Martin Schultz                  
Department for Engineering&Applied Sciences, Harvard University
109 Pierce Hall, 29 Oxford St., Cambridge, MA-02138, USA

phone: (617)-496-8318
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