V.34 Online Express Modem (BOCA)

V.34 Online Express Modem (BOCA)

Post by Coco » Sun, 25 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Works great under dos with jumpers set for COM 3 IRQ 7.
In Linux I added the the following to rc.serial:
setserial /dev/cua2 port 0x3e8 uart 16550A IRQ 7 spd_vhi
I made sure rc.serial is included in rc.local but when I try accessing
the port cua2 I get this error: tty_open: unable to determine state.

Any suggestions?  


1. How can work a modem V.34 On Line Express Boca Research under Linux?

          I have a modem V.34 On Line Express (of 28.800
          kbps).  Under Windows operates well, but I have not
          been able to make to operate it under Linux..

          The modem is connected in COM3 and IRQ 7.

          How I can configure it so that operate under Linux?

              Thank you very much.

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