CD rewritable - advice needed

CD rewritable - advice needed

Post by Paul Colclou » Mon, 17 Aug 1998 04:00:00

>I am thinking of adding a CD rewritable unit to my Linux box. Can anybody
>recommend a model that works under Linux, and doesn't cost too much? What
>software do I need to be able to use it?

You can't go wrong with an MMC-Compatible drive, you can then use
CDRecord, XCDRoast, and even my unfinished as yet CDMirror program :)

I know the Yamaha CDR400 is compatible, as is the new Plextor
PlexWriter. Don't know of others. How a look at the CDRecord page for
tons of other non-mmc drives supported.

Oh, and a quick plug: :)
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     Has anybody have any hand on experience with how well the Yamaha
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 Please reply / cc by e mail. My news server is usually late.

Alex Lam.

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