Exabyte problems under 1.3.77

Exabyte problems under 1.3.77

Post by Robert S. Mai » Wed, 10 Apr 1996 04:00:00

I'm having serious problems with the Exabyte 8205 I've tried to connect to
my SCSI bus, through my Adaptec AHA-1522A adapter card.  I'm running

I can write short files to tape, and read them.  `Short' means less than
100 megabytes or so.  If I try to use `tar' to back up an entire
filesystem, the Exabyte runs all right for a while.  Then suddenly it
stops, and my Linux system freezes.  The middle (orange) LED on the Exabyte
stays on permanently, indicating perpetual SCSI activity.

I imagine that the AHA-152x driver in 1.3.77 is caught in a tight loop of
some kind; the only fix is to reboot.  It's not clear to me though whether
the problem is in the Exabyte or the AHA-152x driver code.  I tried
connecting a replacement Exabyte 8205, and exactly the same thing happened.

Has anyone seen anything like this?  Any suggestions for fixing the
problem?  Thanks in advance.



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I've just complied kernel 1.3.77 because I wanted Win95 VFAT support. It
complied ok and everything fine until I tried using pppd. When I run it,
it says 'PPP not available on this system'.

I went back to 'make install' to check that I had included networking,
tcpip and ppp support. It's definetely all there.

If I go back to my normal kernel 1.2.13, (ELF and AHA2940 patched) it
works fine.

What's going on??

Is there an earlier kernel version which still supports VFAT that I
should be using?

Also, the iBCS module wouldn't load saying it needed to be recomplied to
work with the new kernel. How to I recompile it. Where is it's source?

By the way, my system is based on the Slakeware 3.0 release.


Simon Bond

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