NCR 53c810 Driver Stability

NCR 53c810 Driver Stability

Post by Juergen Exn » Fri, 29 Sep 1995 04:00:00

   How stable are these drivers?  I have had linux partially working on a
   Compaq ProSignia 500 which has this chip on the motherboard.  The
   hardware is just fine, but if the SCSI drive I'm trying to use is not
   at target 4, the kernel panics at bootup.  It says it's jumped to an
   illegal instruction and craters, dumping the registers and stack.

I'm using the NCR 53c810 for one year with two HD's, a streamer and a
CD-ROM and never had any problems

Maybe you should check the cable and/or try another NCR 53c810.


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1. NCR 53c810 Driver Stability

Has the connect/disconnect problem with the FAST & WIDE version of the
NCR chip set under Linux also been corrected?  CSC
(Corporate Systems Center) makes a controller card that supports
WIDE SCSI and another model that supports WIDE and NARROW that is
compatible with the NCR BIOS.  Would either of these cards work OK
with Linux?  BTW, I plan on initially purchasing a cheap FAST SCSI-2
HD and a 8mm Exabyte tape drive...later on I'm going to add on some
FAST & WIDE drives.  Would this mix of hard drives and tape drive
be compatible with Linux?  Are there any 'gotchas' that I should
be aware of?  For my purposes 8mm appears to be the most cost
effective backup I'd really like to be able to use
this tape drive with Linux.

Incidentally, is the Adaptec 2940W supported under Linux?  This
is the WIDE version of the 2940.


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