Partition check during boot ?

Partition check during boot ?

Post by Eric F. Sort » Sat, 08 Jul 1995 04:00:00

: Greeting everybody

: When I boot Linux, I sometimes get a message saying:

: Partition check:
: hda: disabled multiple mode
: ..

: I do not know what the message means, but I have and Promise EIDE controller,
: which support multiple read and write operations.

: I hope someone van help me decipher the message and eventualy find a way to
: void it.

Don't know what it means, but if it makes you feel any
better I get the same error with the Promise EIDE card.
Which hard drive are you using?

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1. Solution:Partition check during boot

Greetings Everyone

Thanks for every answer I got. The solution which worked for me was to change
a line in the ide.c file:


changed to


and then recompile a new kernel. The 16 sectors was found using dmesg, which
showed the messages from bootuptime. The harddisk reported MaxMult=16.

Have a nice day

Michael Enk

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