USB joystick problems

USB joystick problems

Post by Paul » Fri, 30 Nov 2001 07:02:31

I'm having some problems compiling a 2.4 series kernel with support
for a Microsoft Sidewinder Pro USB joystick.  I've read Mike Diack's
joystick mini-howto floating around in this group, claiming kernels
2.4.3 - 2.4.9 have broken joystick support, and offering other advice
which I think I've followed.   I believe I have the OHCI USB
controller working (/proc/bus/usb/devices shows the controller, and I
also see the hub successfully detected during boot).  When I try cat
or run jstest on /dev/input/js0 (or js1, js2, etc) I get a "No such
device" error.  If I re-attach the joystick, I often get the timeout

  kernel: usb.c: USB device not accepting new address=4 (error=-110)

One of the kernel options under the USB section is "long timeout for
slow-responding devices"... I tried it, to no avail.

I also read about some problems asus motherboard users have had with
their USB when running two processors... the issue was never really
resolved, and I wonder if I could be experiencing a related problem.
I have an asus AP2400R, RedHat 7.1, two 1 GHz processors, /proc/pci
reveals this USB controller:

  Bus  0, device  15, function  2:
    USB Controller: ServerWorks OSB4/CSB5 OHCI USB Controller (rev 4).
      IRQ 30.
      Master Capable.  Latency=32.  Max Lat=80.
      Non-prefetchable 32 bit memory at 0xfa000000 [0xfa000fff].

Here are some of the pertinent modules I have loaded:

# lsmod
Module                  Size  Used by
usb-storage            20336   0  (unused)
hid-input               4416   0  (unused)
hid-core                8704   0  [hid-input]
hid                    12736   0  [hid-core]
usb-ohci               17120   0  (unused)
usbcore                56096   1  [usb-storage hid-core hid usb-ohci]
evdev                   4144   0  (unused)
joydev                  5872   0
sidewinder              8352   0  (unused)

An odd thing is that the joystick works with the stock RedHat 2.4.2
single-processor kernel, but not the stock RedHat 2.4.2 dual processor

Anybody have any idea what's going on?  I'd greatly appreciate any



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