SPEC-95 for PPro-200, K6-200, Cyrix PR200M2

SPEC-95 for PPro-200, K6-200, Cyrix PR200M2

Post by roo » Tue, 05 Aug 1997 04:00:00

Does anyone know the SPEC-95 result for K6-200 and Cyrix M2,
the Pentium Pro result is
int  8.7
fp   6.7




1. Diff between 200 P5 and 200 PPro?

Can anyone actually tell a difference in speed when using a 200 p% and
200 PPro in normal use?  Or does the difference just show up when
rebuilding the kernel in 3.5 minutes vs 3.7?

I could understand wanting a 200 over a 133 or even a 150, but paying
the extra for a 10% benchmark speedup seems to be sort of silly,
especially considering people will be getting a new machine next year.

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