Pinnacle PCTV Sat

Pinnacle PCTV Sat

Post by vi » Sat, 14 Sep 2002 19:23:02

Hello everybody,

I am having some trouble with a Pinnacle PCTV Sat (a TV satellite
receiver card). At the boot time the card (powered by a Connexiant
878A) is probed and recognized as a PCTV Pro - card 39 and the tuner
(a HM1821 as i recall) it doesn't seam to be properly detected. Hence,
as expected, xawtv doesn't allow any specific satellite tuning. Any
idea or suggestions?

Switching cards and replacing the PCTV SAT with a more comfortable
PCTV Pro (from Pinnacle too) the tuner (a philips PAL tuner on that
card) works as a charm and I can perfectly watch cable TV.

   Thanks for your replays,