#9 Vision 330

#9 Vision 330

Post by Cyprian Olszews » Sat, 16 Dec 1995 04:00:00


I'm new to Linux and during installing it (Slackware 2.3)
I came across a problem. I want to install XFree86
and I don't know what data to include in my XConfig file about
my #9 Vision 330. Has anyone used this card with Linux?

I'll be very happy to get any help (especially contents of that
config file and info which server to use)



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I'm a proud owner of the above mentioned machine (Onsale.com).
I was able to install RH 5.2 on it, and it runs fine, but
I cannot seem to find an XServer that supports the
9FX Vision 330 card that came with the system.
Any suggestions or will it just need to be a non-X
Chris Krebs

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