share Zip drive: Sparc10 & PC, both Linux

1. pc doesn't boot without a Zip disk in the Zip Drive


Recently I've added a SCSI HDD to my system and it uses /dev/sda.
I also have an USB Zip drive that used to use /dev/sda4 which is not
available since I have the HDD on /dev/sda

So I used mknod  (mknod part4 b 8 4 in the appropriate directory) and
created a link in /dev directory: /dev/sdc4 ...
(the reason for not using /dev/sdb is that I also have an USB CF
Now I can mount my Zip drive and it works fine.
However, I have a problem during booting. I cannot boot unless I put a
Zip disk into the Zip drive.

I have Mandrake 8.2 and when it gets to the "checking for new
hardware" stage it stops. After waiting for a few minutes I decided to
insert a Zip disk and suddenly the boot process continued.
To avoid this I set kudzu (the program that does the new hardware
checking in Mandrake) to manual so there was no more "checking for new
hardware" during boot up.
However, the boot process stopped again at the stage of "starting the
system logger". Again, inserting a Zip disk made it continue.

What is wrong there?
How can I overcome this annoying problem?



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