IGS chipset video card compatibility?

IGS chipset video card compatibility?

Post by Robert Goodw » Mon, 28 Oct 1996 03:00:00

I'm looking into buying a new video card when I upgrade to PCI within the
next few weeks here.  A local wholsaler has what looks to be a great deal
on a 2 MB (upgrd to 4MB) card.  The only catch is that it's manufactured
by a small company up in Edmonton.  I've heard good things about the card
itself and it comes with all the right drivers except for Linux XFree86
of course.

The card is made by a company called Tucson Computer Corp. out of
Edmonton.  They have two cards.  one called EDO and one called 3D/s.  I
called them up to ask some more about it and they said that it uses a
chipset by IGS called IGA 1682.  

Is there anyone out there that can tell me how I could use this card with
XWindows?  Are there other cards out there with existing drivers that use
the same chipset?  If so, should they also work with this card.

Also, Does anyone have any recommendations on another resonably
inexepesive PCI card that comes with 2MB and can be expanded to at least

The Tucson card also claims 40 frames per second in full screen video.  
Sounds like a really card but I can't use it if it won't let me run
XWindows with reasonable quality.

Any suggestions?  Please email and post.




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