Apple Stylewriter won't print

Apple Stylewriter won't print

Post by Paul Santa Cla » Fri, 29 Oct 1999 04:00:00

   For the life of me, I am unable to get my Apple Stylewriter 1500 to
print even a single ASCII character.  I have repeatedly installed the most
recent Ghostscript(fonts), Enscript, Lpstyl, and Lpr RPM's right off of
the linuxp-mac R5 disc; these files are currently scatterred in my root
filesystem as following:

/usr/bin:  lpq, lpr, lptest, lpunlock, ghostcript -> gs, gs
/usr/sbin:  lpc, lpd, lpf, lpstyl, and all of the device scripts like stylps,
   stylps-atalk, stylascii, etc.
/dev/stylewriter -> ttyS1

The relevant entry in my /etc/printcap is:
   stylps|Apple Stylewriter for postscript, using gs for rasterization:/

Also, the actual ghostscript application resides in
/usr/share/ghostscript/5.10, and I have checked and doubled checked all of
the paths in the scripts so that isn't the problem.

Unless, anyone can find an error in above, I'm tempted to point the finger
of blame at my super-standard-Performa-6400-run-of-the-mill serial ports.
Setserial lists ttsy0,ttsy1's UART as none, their baudrate as 0, and any
attempt to use the auto_irq or autoconfig options on them results in an
error like "Cannot SetSerial info:  Device or Resource Busy"

Can anyone please help?


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Hi folks,

Has anyone had any luck printing from Linux to an Apple StyleWriter II?  I've
got everything set up like I should--I think--as if the printer were a Canon
Bubblejet.  However, when I have ghostscript send it data, the printer does
absolutely nothing.

Any help, hints, etc., appreciated.  I'd rather not sell a perfectly good
printer if I can avoid it.


Roy M. Turner
Department of Computer Science
Kingsbury Hall, University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH 03824

Phone: (603)862-2980           FAX: (603)862-3493

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