toshiba portege 7000

toshiba portege 7000

Post by Charles Webe » Sat, 26 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Mine does not boot rh5.1 install disk (2.0.34)or toms root/boot rescue
(2.0.35) disk.  It gets to select install mode and then restarts or with
toms to the screen settings and restarts.  Perhaps there is hope in the
future, or do I have to try rh rawhide.
Any info appreciated.....

Chuck Weber


1. portege 310CT (Re: Toshiba Portege 3010CT and hibernate)

I have a Portege 310CT. My installation is RedHat  5.0, with kernel upgraded to
The reason I recompiled is that RedHat 5.0 did not provide a Kernal with both APM
and PCMCIA support (who would ever want PCMCIA, but not APM?).
APMD is installed and working, so "standby" works OK.  But no matter what I try,
suspend mode does not work - always fails to resume, forcing a reboot (which
causes some inodes to be corrupted, but that has not been a serious problme yet).

I suspect that my laptop's notion of "suspend" is that same as the Libretto's
"hibernate", but I cannot say for sure.  I know that "standby" mode just blanks
the screen and spins donw the drive - which is not insuffifient conservation of
my puny 1.5 hour battery life.

I have 64MB physical memory, so I experimented with leaving 70+ megs of
unpartitioned space at the end of the hard drive, in case the Portege needs
some "invisible" space like the Libretto.  This did not help me.  I do not know
what to try next - the tech specs on the Toshiba site do not document this
at all (for that matter, they don't document the Librettoe either - how did
anyone figure out where to reserve the invisible disk area?)


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