PCChips VGA IRQ & S3 Virge

PCChips VGA IRQ & S3 Virge

Post by trans.. » Tue, 08 Feb 2000 04:00:00

Just a quick note that might help someone.  I'd been having some lockups
in XFree with a new motherboard I got; PCChips M747.  It would happen
under a medium load and while I was alt-tabbing between a few Netscape
windows.  This motherboard has onboard SIS6326 which I didn't think
worked that well, so I stuck an old S3 Virge in the PCI slot.  I set the
BIOS to use the PCI for VGA rather than AGP but I had neglected to also
set the VGA IRQ to PCI as well.  Once I did that such that cat /proc/pci
showed an IRQ for the S3, my freezes went away.

Whew, I was about to pack that sucker up and ship it back.

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Thanks for your input,

Mike Decerbo


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