Ositech Jack of diamonds ethernet card do not transmit/receive?

Ositech Jack of diamonds ethernet card do not transmit/receive?

Post by georgie » Tue, 22 Apr 1997 04:00:00


I am unable for more than a month to make my NEC Versa use the Jack of
diamonds ethernet PCMCIA card work - it configures without problem, but
there is nothing that passes through it - just no package
transmited/received. The hub channel light for this channel doesn't even
light - as if there is nothing connected. I do suppose it is in some
power-down mode, but it should wake up authomatically on every package.

Any ideas appreciated



1. ositech Jack of diamonds ethernet card problem.


For more than a month i am unable to put my NEC Versa4080H laptop to work
with the Jack of diamonds ethernet/modem card. The modem works fine, but
the ethernet part does not work at all. Cardmgr configures it without
problem, ports in the range 100 - 300, memory d000, irq 7 or 9. The
supplied test program(dos) that comes with the card passes all the tests
with the parameters above ok. It also detects wheter the hub is connected
or not. When in linux, there is just no package that goes to the hub -
ifconfig reports that the packages are going to the card, but the hub does
not see them.

One spot: the indicator light for this channel is never lit - it stays
dark every time. Is this normal?

Any ideas appreciated.

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