STB Horizon 64 support

STB Horizon 64 support

Post by mjan.. » Tue, 14 Apr 1998 04:00:00

        Is there any support for the STB SYSTEMS HORIZON 64 graphic adapter for X ?. I am using Red
Hat Linux ver2.0, but my card doesn't apear in the list. The video card BIOS  is VESA 2.0 compliant (by
hardware, without needing any driver). I just can't make work.

Thanks a lot if you can help me.


1. XFree86 supports STB Horizon 64?


I just bought a Pentium-75 PC and would like to install Linux and X on it.
The video card it comes with is STB Horizon 64 (1 MB, PCI) with Sierra
Falcon 64 chip set.

I looked at the Hardware Compatibility Howto and XFree86 Howto but didn't
find my video card (and chip set) on the supporting list of XFree86. Does
anyone out there has any experience with this card? Is it still possible
that I can run X on my PC even if it's not on the list? Any information
about this is welcomed. Thanks in advance,

Le-chun Wu

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