** Driver for WACOM tablets ? **

** Driver for WACOM tablets ? **

Post by Laurent Jullia » Wed, 29 Mar 1995 21:08:19


  I have a PC equipped with a pen pointing device compatible with the
WACOM protocol. It's plugged in COM1. I'd like to know 3 things:

 1 - Does anybody know if there is a driver available somewhere
     for this kind of pointing device either for Linux, FreeBSD or
     the like ?
 2 - I'm not sure whether the driver has to be implemented in the
     kernel of Linux or in the Xfree86 server
 3 - Is it possible that Xfree86 uses 2 pointing device in parallel.
     In my case both the PS/2 mouse and the pen device.

Please reply by email. I'll make a digest of all the replies I have
and post it here.




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1. problem with wacom tablet driver under xfree86

Is anyone out there using a wacom pen partner under xfree86 4.2.0 ?
I've got one that "nearly works", but logs errors along the lines of

    LookupDeviceIntRec id=0x2 not found

(or 0x1 depending on the stylus direction).

The driver does seem to recognise the tablet type correctly, and to
detect button pushes and the stylus coordinates correctly.  But stylus
movements produce the above error, and the tablet remains inoperative.

Can anyone shed light on this please?

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