g400 ntsc libvga.config setup

g400 ntsc libvga.config setup

Post by Ellis De » Fri, 17 Jan 2003 23:02:58

If anyone has svgalib working with ntsc tv-out on a Matrox g400 card,
please reply to this message (in the newsgroup) with a copy. It's
driving me nuts!

1. HELP! libvga.config setup woes with CL5434

I have svgalib-1.2.10 and a Cirrus Logic 5434 with 1MB RAM.

It works fine in all modes up to 640x480x16M (mode 19), but
anything over that gives vertical bands down the screen with distortion. The
800x600x32K and 800x600x64K modes give two vertical distortion bands, and
the picture goes off the screen (can't be fixed with the monitor controls).
When looking at images it looks like the left bit is rendered, then there's
the vertical distortion and a little gap, then some more of the image
including some of the first bit, then distortion and a gap, then the right
part of the image.

Is there something in libvga.config that could sort this?

Grateful for any help,
Jason Saunders
Kempo Ju-Jitsu Coventry (UK) - email for details

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