fujitsu finepix mount usb storage device

fujitsu finepix mount usb storage device

Post by Techni » Sat, 14 Sep 2002 16:18:59

I have this:

   Host scsi1: usb-storage
       Vendor: Fujifilm
      Product: USB Mass Storage
Serial Number: Y-334^^^^^011029X0000003016142
     Protocol: 8070i
    Transport: Control/Bulk/Interrupt
         GUID: 04cb01002b10000003016142
     Attached: Yes

It indicates to me the drive is correctly detected and whatnot.

mount: /dev/sda1 is not a valid block device

I've tried /dev/sga* with similar results.

I was wondering what I was doing wrong, since I've seen many people
post about this cam and not being able to use it as a cam, but they
all claim it easily works as a mass storage device.

Any help appreciated.