HELP: LILO destroyed MBR on a EIDE >504MB

1. LILO not removed by fdisk /mbr, fat possibly destroyed

Hi, I'm having a heck of a time trying to get LILO off of /dev/hda1
(which under windows is my C: drive).  An fdisk /mbr does not remove
LILO from the boot record, because when I start up and boot from IDE-0
(C:) I get LI and it hangs....this was why i wanted to remove lilo and
just use a boot floppy.  fdisk /mbr does access the disk for a moment, I
can see the lights flash for a split second when I run the command.  I
installed redhat 6.0 onto /dev/sda1...I can boot it fine from the floppy
it made during install, but like I said before LILO hangs.  This isn't
the real problem I cannot access my C: drive (and thus
windows98 or NT).  The filesystem on the drive was FAT-16...but now I
cannot mount the drive in linux like I should be able to (my other fat16
drives mount fine) or even use the drive after booting a win98 startup
disk.  Linux fdisk says the type of the primary partition on /dev/hda1
is FAT-16.  the Windows 98 (and 95 i tried both) fdisk programs say the
system type of that partition is UNKNOWN.  'chkdsk' fails when trying to
look at the partition as well, saying that it has a 'bad File Allocation
Table' if I quit out of it.  Scandisk as well does not work on that
drive.  If i try changing to C: on the floppy bootup, I get an 'invalid
media type'.  I ran partition magic on the disk, but for partition 1 it
just says 'check failed' and won't let me do anything.  The size of the
partition is just under two gigabytes, and was the primary dos

I have some rather valuable stuff (source code, rendered images) on that
drive...I did not move them to another drive since my only option was to
move the files to a Quantum engineering-release scsi disk that was
somewhat questionable.  And since the only thing going on there was LILO
(which I had no trouble with when I ran redhat 5.1 a few months back) I
was not in the least bit worried.  This time however, I'm in big
trouble.   I am not looking forward to doing a huge dd from that disk
and sifting through two gigs of random bits for snippets of code and
parts of images.  

Please, any help you could offer would help me immensely.

Thank you,


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