Post by Richard Kilgo » Thu, 17 Jun 2004 23:09:09

I am trying to setup sound on my step father's Wal-Mart computer
in Debian, using Linux 2.6.6 and the ALSA snd-via82xx driver.
For some reason, at least when using RealPlayer, it plays things
too fast, and all voices sound like the chipmunks.

I thought I had figured that the problem could be avoided by
not running alsactl to re-initialize the card, but when my
step-father started it up again this morning (after I had taken
alsactl out of the startup files), it started doing it again.

Has anyone seen a problem like this, where it plays stuff too
fast?  It may be only in RealPlayer, but I'm not certain.

    - richard



Post by Alain Broisi » Sun, 20 Jun 2004 16:35:12

I recently got an ASUS Pundit-R with the P4R8L board to play with, but
it seems that it's a hard be linux compatible for now.
Ethernet (3COM 3C920B) doesn't work properly with 3c59x driver.
Also BTTV freezes the system (kernel 2.6.X).
Does anyone experienced the Pundit-R ?