Gateway 2000 Solo S5-120XL laptop & Linux

Gateway 2000 Solo S5-120XL laptop & Linux

Post by Eric Davi » Thu, 02 May 1996 04:00:00

I'm about to spring for a laptop on which to run both Linux and Windows
NT.  Can anyone tell me why I shouldn't opt for a Gateway 2000 Solo
S5-120XL (120MHz Pentium, 24MB RAM, 1.2GB disk, 4x CD-ROM)?  I've checked
the Linux laptop pages, but haven't found specific references to Gateway's
offerings.  I've seen lots of favorable opinions about Dell's laptops as
Linux platforms.  Are there reasons to opt for Dell over Gateway?  Also,
is there any reason to opt for a Linux distribution other than Red Hat
3.0.3?  Forgive my ignorance; I'm relatively new to the Linux world.  Any
and all advice is appreciated.


Eric Davies


1. Gateway 2000 S5-120XL Laptop and Linux

Good afternoon,

        I am currently in the market for a high end laptop on which
to do demos and I was wondering if anyone has tried running Linux
on any of the Gateway2000 Pentium laptops.  In the Linux Laptop
webpage there are references to some of the Gateway2000 486
laptops, but no mention of either the S5-120XL or the S5-90XL.
        I guess my main concern is with the graphics.  For example,
will XFree86 drive the higher resolution modes on the external
        Any hints, information, comments, pointers, or jokes
would be very helpful :-)

        Thanks a lot,

                Randy Paffenroth


Department of Mathematics and Institute for Physical Science and Technology
University of Maryland

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