SCSI card PIO versus DMA

SCSI card PIO versus DMA

Post by Darin Johns » Thu, 30 Nov 1995 04:00:00

I have an AHA-1522.  I can leave this set to PIO, or I can
have it do DMA.  Does this matter for linux, or do I also
need a SCSI device that supports it (it will be for zip drive).
What are the tradeoffs?
Darin Johnson

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1. PIO&DMA Modes with Linux

It does, but you have to activate it using the package hdparm. Quoting from
a snippet of the answer to a previous question of this sort:
 To fine-tune
  the parameters of your ide drive for improved performance, you might
  want to have a look at the hdparm package in
Substituting a mirror for sunsite of course. Take a look in the your kernel
source directory for /drivers/block/README.ide or something (perhaps it's
in the source code itself ide.c) for info.

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