DIP..network unreachable!

DIP..network unreachable!

Post by Paraic O'Ceallai » Wed, 20 Sep 1995 04:00:00

After setting up SLIP via dip (manual login) I get a network unreachable
message when I try to connect to the outside world. I know this must be
something to do with my route setup but I can't remeber what /etc file
needs tweaking..
Anyone got any tips?



1. DIP:network unreachable

Greetings all,                                                    
   I have having some difficulty with DIP and a dip script that is
know to work. I am installing DIP (w/ slackware 3.0) and using    
a script that was supplied by my ISP.                              
   I have added my ISP's 2 nameserver to my resolv.conf file.      
I have recompiled my kernel to include the TCPIP options. I have  
added my machine and my ISP name and address to my hosts file.    
   Now, I can dial and connect to my isp, but if I try to use PING
I get the message:                                                
ping: sendto: Network is unreachable                              
(if I ping myself or my isp, anywhere else and I get unknown host)
THis is also true if I use telnet.                                
     You help and suggestions are appreciated.                    

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      Gecko                          to the Gecko Cave...

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