USB Scanner and sane

USB Scanner and sane

Post by marti » Tue, 26 Sep 2000 13:57:36

Trying to get an Agfa Snapscan 1212U scanner to function - Mandrake
2.2.17 sees the
scanner in hardrake as attached to a USB port.  Tried running the
agfafirm script
on the page that SANE linked to for USB scanner support for Agfa
scanners - doesn't run at all, xsane,, etc don't produce anything other
than a core dump - not quite what I'm looking for.
Any other options for scanners in Linux other than SANE?  or have I
missed something.



1. USB scanner exists to Yast2, does not exist to SANE

I had to reinstall SuSE 7.3 after all my configuration files were lost
in an update (I now know to back them all up manually before hand).
My scanner never gave me trouble before.

I don't want to install again, because installations for me are
failed-module and segmetation-fault crap-shoots and it takes me 20-40
tries to get something bootable that I can then repair.  Not to get
into this, but my processor, cache, and memory run days at a time in
Memcheck, and I can copy and varify large chunks of data under linux.
I am just unstable under the minux installer itself (even though I
dumb down my BIOS, turn off DMA and set the slowest PIO mode, etc.).

Anyway, Yast find my scanner, but I get the following error when I try
to scan a test page:
Use of uninitialized value in
concatenation (.) or string at
non_y2// line 789, <STDI
N> line 10 (#1)
scanimage: open of device snap
scan:/dev/usbscanner failed: I
nvalid argument

This line appears to have something to do with interpreting
keystrokes, and has nothing to do with the scanner.

SANE does not detect any devices after Yast2 sets up /dev/usbscanner.

Any ideas?


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