Creative Ensoniq Audio PCI.

Creative Ensoniq Audio PCI.

Post by ssachdev » Mon, 23 Nov 1998 04:00:00

Any comments on the above said card...



Creative Ensoniq Audio PCI.

Post by Mark Sutto » Tue, 24 Nov 1998 04:00:00

> Any comments on the above said card...

First, a general comment:

The original Ensoniq Audio PCI soundly kicked the ass of anything Creative ever
made in terms
of price performance ratio.  Many laboratory tests have confirmed this.

Creative, bought Ensoniq, their most formidable competitor, so that they could
make it

The "Creative Ensoniq Audio PCI" is based on a different chipset than the
original version.
I truly hope that Creative didn't*it up too badly.  It would be a shame.

Now, with respect to Linux:

RedHat has included drivers for these two cards with version 5.2.  These are the
from the recent series, retrofit into the 2.0.36 kernel.

For older kernels, commercial drivers are available.  See
for info.


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A word of warning. Even though the Sun Microelectronics page for
3rd party products list the Creative Ensoniq AudioPCI card as
working on AXi (and I assume other PCI based Sun platforms) apparenlty
only those with the ES1370 chip are supported.

The AXi 3rd party page lists the part Creative Ensoniq AudioPCI 16-MIDI,
8-bit digital ES1371 (50E3711000) but this chipset does not appear to
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