HD > 8GB

HD > 8GB

Post by Nick Birket » Wed, 02 Sep 1998 04:00:00

There is a problem partitioning an IBM 16GB UDMA disk.
It can be partitioned up to 8GB (1024 cylinders).

I remember noticing an article some time ago about disks > 8GB - but
now locate it

Anyone know of a fix (using install kernel from Slakware 3.5) ?



1. Anyone add HD>8GB on solaris7 x86 successfully?

    I've read the FAQ for solarisX86. It seems that solaris7
can NOT BOOT a disk larger then 8GB. Is is also means that I
can not use whole my 20GB IDE hard drive as a solaris disk drive?

When I try to identify a new disk type via format utility:
format -> Other -> cylinder=2492 -> alternate cylinders=2 -> phy cylinders=2494
-> heads=255  ... the system shows that '255' is out of range.



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