***** GREAT Prices on new & used PC's & Parts at - http://css-web.com *****

***** GREAT Prices on new & used PC's & Parts at - http://css-web.com *****

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Check out this site - http://www.css-web.com  Look for their price lists
(New & Used). Their prices are one of the lowest on the Web. They sell new
RAM for as less as $8.00 Per Meg and Multimedia CD Kits (16 bit Sound
card, CD rom Drive and software CD's) for $105 per kit. Check them out today.


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Fluid Hosts runs on a Pentium Celeron 2.2 GHz system with 1024 Megs (DDRAM).
We currently run Fedora Core 1.0 and Apache. We keep everything up-to-date
with the latest patches and builds. All plans, excluding our BNC plan, come
with a Basic Web Site. We support MySQL, PHP Extensions, and Server Side
Includes (SSI).

Our Datacenter is Located in Irvine, California, We are 3 Racks from the
biggest game server in the world ( GameSpy )

Fluid Hosts provides a blend of multiple back bone providers to ensure you
have the best possible connection. Our extensive networks include providers
such as Verio, Glbx, Aleron, and eWan. A multitude of peering points such as
MAE-West, LINX, MAE-East, NYIIX, to name a few, provide for a diverse
network connectivity structure that permits superior performance, and
improved uptime.

Our network is built around redundancy, through our multi homed
configuration, we have reduced possibilities of internet connectivity
interruption, and improve data transit routes, insuring your data is
transferred to it's destination in the shortest and quickest way possible.
BGP is utilized to span your connection across multiple provider lines, in
the unlikely event one backbone provider were to loose connectivity, BGP
would re-route traffic around the problem, keeping your network connection
alive and free of packet loss. Internal switching is handled through a
variety of foundry fast iron switches, and network core routing is performed
by foundry big iron routers. This complex design offers an unsurpassed level
of redundancy and reliability.

If you have received this email in error please email

further mailings.

Thank You,

Fluid Hosts Sales Department

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