Has anyone installed Linux on a Compaq 5100 (profession workstation)

Has anyone installed Linux on a Compaq 5100 (profession workstation)

Post by Andre » Fri, 24 Aug 2001 21:16:02

...if so, can you help me with a curious network problem?

I have a dual cpu machine with dual NIC's (the onboard one plus a realtek
8139) and have installed RH7.1 OK.

Basically works fine, except transmission speeds to the net are slow and ftp
doesn't work at all (although http transfers work a treat).

The problem appears to be configuration rather than hardware, but I'm

Any help much appreciated.


1. Installing Linux on Compaq Pro Workstation 5100

I have a brand new Compaq Professional Workstation 5100, and I am
trying to install RedHat Linux 4.1 on it.  This is a 300 MHz Pentium
II processor, with a built-in SCSI interface, and a SCSI disk, but an

The problem is that the install program does not recognize the
built-in Wide-Ultra SCSI controller.  I have tried every option in the
SCSI adapter list, and none were close enough to be recognized.

Do I have any options?  Should I get RedHat 4.2?  I have an old
Slackware CD, I could give that a try, but I doubt it would be
up-to-date.   Is Debian worth a try?



John Dowding


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