Belkin OmniView SOHO series KVM

Belkin OmniView SOHO series KVM

Post by Bask » Mon, 29 Sep 2003 10:59:46

Are you experiencing erratic mouse behavior when switching from
Windows to Linux? One workaround is to switch to console mode
(Ctrl+Alt+F1) then switch back to graphic mode (Alt+F7). But if you
are tired doing this, here is a permanent fix.

Well, Belkin recognized the bug and released a firmware upgrade
s4v100.hex to fix this issue
But the catch is that the flash program provided by Belkin only works
under Win95, 98 or Me. The problem is that this utility tries to
access the parallel port with inp()/outp()-like commands and Win2K or
XP dont allow direct access to the parallel port to user mode

I tried the NTPDA (NT Port Direct Access) utility available at the
belkin website but without success: I never was able to write anything
to the parallel port.

Then I tried the following:
1. Made a Win95 boot disk
( worked fine for
2. Created another disk with flash.exe and s4v100.hex
3. Booted with win95 boot disk
4. Ran flash.exe
5. Loaded s4v100.hex into memory (choice 1)
6. Powered the kvm via PS2 with a second computer
7. Set the KVM into mouse firmware flash mode
8. Started programming (choice 2)

And the dots appeared... :)
Let me know if this works for you


1. belkin box (OmniView 4-port) and linux

I'm running red hat 7.3 and kde 3 on one box and Win2kProf on another.
 I switch between with the belkin box.  Windows is fine, but when I
switch back to linux the mouse is nuts.  The "Start Menu" (or whatever
that's called in KDE) pops up and down, and random windows get focus.
Its only a matter of time before something important gets deleted.

Anyway, I've found that if I unplug my mouse from the belkin box and
then plug it back in everything is ok.  Any ideas?  This was happening
with a previous linux box (mandrake 8.0), but that got scrapped for
the mouse and other reasons (hadn't figured out the plug trick).  Both
are very similar hardware.  Compaq PII deskpro's.  Win2K is PIII

Any ideas?

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