Card under $200 that works well with 3.1.2?

Card under $200 that works well with 3.1.2?

Post by duh » Tue, 20 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Hello everyone,

I've been away from the Linux related News Groups for a long time.
(Running kernel 1.3.20 and XFree 3.1.2 off of the Infomagic Nov 1995

I finally have some free cash, ($200 or so), and am looking to
upgrade my video card. Is a generic Trio 64 based card my best bet
for working under Linux?

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated!


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I need to decide what Graphic-Card some new PC will have, and as there are
some problems with some cards, i thougth about asking the community ...

If you would need to buy several cards for about US$200 to 250 - what's your
opinion of a choice?

I heard about ATI Mach 3D having problems, Millenium II as well and ELSA
Winner 200 havinf problems too ...

Anybody able to comment on the best supported Graphic-Card for this price?

The card will live with 17inch monitors (EIZO) and should have at least 2MB,
better 4MB ...
3D stuff is not really *needed* - esp. if XF86 cannot make use of it ...

Main issue remains that the card should be stable, fast and good supported
by XF86 and LINUX - not needing to configure under DOS or other Micro$oft-
things as they will run *only* under LINUX ...

        Thanx in advance and

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