Linux on Acer Extensa 391, 392, 393

Linux on Acer Extensa 391, 392, 393

Post by Yassine Faih » Sat, 28 Mar 1998 04:00:00


Does someone already install Linux on one of these notebooks.
Does linux work fine: CD,sound card, built-in modem .... ?
Many thanks

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First, my apology for the simplicity of the question.  Too much staff turnover before my time.

I'm running AIX 4.1.5 on a J30 and a 580, I need to install devices.7310.p10 and it's not on either system.  I also have two sets of CDs, one is labelled "AIX V4.1.5 for 5765-C34", the other is "5765-393 AIX 4.1.5 for Server for G5 Processors" (sic).  The CDs have the files I need.

Which CDs go with which computer?  

I've hunted through the manuals and various AIX/RS6000 web resources and can't find an explanation or list of IBM "program names".  Can anybody point me to one?

Al Maki

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