Sound - Crystal Audio 4737

Sound - Crystal Audio 4737

Post by Greg - Web Developmen » Sun, 21 Oct 2001 11:16:53


Are there any Crystal Audio CSC4737 sound drivers available for my laptop?

my vitals:

-Slackware 8.0
-Kernel 2.4.12
-Laptop CN550


1. sound-crystal 4232 audio system codec

I'm trying to configure my sound card in the kernel (Crystal pnp audio
system codec 4232)
I get a message on boot that the device is configured but an error
message later on boot
saying "Sound: DMA(output) timed out- IRQ/DRQ config error"
Does this mean I need to try different IRQ or DMA settings?  And if so,
does that mean
running 'make menuconfig' again , trying different address settings and
then rebuilding the kernel again?


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