Q: P6 and dual P6 for Linux?

Q: P6 and dual P6 for Linux?

Post by Dan Moor » Fri, 19 Apr 1996 04:00:00

I have been considering building up a dual p5 system to act as my linux
machine (server/etc.), but I was told recently that a single p6 would
outperform a dual p5.  Can anyone confirm this?  Also, what about
dual/quad p6 machines - does linux support those configurations (or will,
int the case of the quad)?

THANKS!  [reply by e-mail if possible]

Dan Moore

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Hi There,
  Our lab is going to buy a computer or two, and the plan is go
with linux!  Anyway, the first decision that has to be made is go
with a P-200, a P6-200, or go for the dual P6's.  

1)  What's the speed increase from a P to P6 at the same clock speed?

2)  To what extent does linux use the dual p6's?  I assume special
programming techniques are required to actually split a job up, but I
assume linux is smart enough to send a second job to the less busy

Does anybody have any experience/results with this?  

Posted replies are fine, or, if you're feeling kind, email at

is appreciated.  Thanks in advance,

Derek van Westrum

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