Any frame grabber card supported?

Any frame grabber card supported?

Post by Klaus ZLOE » Sat, 22 Apr 1995 04:00:00

I have a simple question:
I need to save one frame of a video camera to a file.
(really that simple)
What kind of hardware do i need to do this under linux?
What kind of SW?



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1. PMS-grabber : a package for the Pro MovieStudio frame grabber card

The PMS-grabber package has been uploaded to
under /pub/Linux/incoming.

PMS-grabber package

The "GNU Public Lincense" policy applies to all programs of this package

main features
* captures frames of the "Pro MovieStudio" frame grabber card
* runs under X-Window in a normal window with various setting options
* online view or capturing of single frames
* arbitrarily resizing of view window (via window manager) (up to 500x500)
* up to 256 colors on display (the upper limit of X-window)
* frame grabbing in rgb555-mode (32768 colors) (24bit TrueColor also possible)
* computing of optimal color palettes from a given image
* popup menu for all option settings of the PMS-card
* popup menu for viewing and editing the registers (only for experiments)
* simple image analyzing tools (with mouse cursor in view window)
* simple save and load functions for ximages, captures and palettes
* comes together with a generally useful X-window package
* a standalone program for displaying saved images that runs without PMS-card
  on any computer with X-window

Title:          PMS-grabber
Version:        12/94
Entered-date:   12/94  
Description:    package for grabbing and displaying pictures or video
                sequences from a "Pro MovieStudio" frame grabber card,
                capability of saving and loading image files, computing
                optimized palettes, all controlled from a X-window interface
Keywords:       "Pro MovieStudio" frame grabber card, X-window,
                life video display, color palette, image processing

Primary-site: /pub/Linux/incoming  
                92kB PMS-grabber.tgz
                1kB  PMS-grabber.readme
Copying-policy: GPL


PLEASE remember Keywords: and a short description of the software.

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