driver developement package

driver developement package

Post by Diego D'Auligna » Wed, 19 Jul 2000 04:00:00


Is anybody aware of a developement package or toolkit to write
drivers for PCI cards under Linux?

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1. what packages for C/Java developement?

I'm not sure if this is the right group to post this to...  It seems
to be a set-up issue, but I guess it could just as easily be a
developement thing...  

When I originally installed Linux (Caldera OpenLinux 2.3) on my box, I did
a straightforward "home desktop" installation.  Recantly, I've decided to
install the C and Java packages...

besides egcs, egcs++, egcs-obj, jdk-base and jdk-shared, what other
packages should I install?  for example, I tried installing the jdk-base
package, and was told that wasn't installed, but there
was no indication of what rpm to extract the file from.

If anyone's familiar with COL 2.3, I'd appreciate a few pointers on this

Also...  anyone who's got Quake II running on their Linux box (I have the
retail Quake II Collosus box), what sites did you get your information
from?  Following the instructions in the manual caused 2 little blank
windows open up on my desktop when I tried running it.

Thanks in advance...



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