CANON BJC-2000 Drivers

CANON BJC-2000 Drivers

Post by Alexis Vincen » Wed, 29 Dec 1999 04:00:00

Hi everybody.

I'm looking for BJC-2000 drivers for linux. the "BJC-600 and BJC-4000"
drivers doesn`t work for my printer

I have RH 6.1 installed on my system.




1. Drivers for Canon BJC-2000

I have a canon BJC-2000 printer wich I really would like to use under linux
(one step closer a m$ free computer)

The problem I have is that i cant find any decent drivers for it to make it
work under Linux. The BJC-4000 and BJC-600 series drivers work but the
quality of the printouts is so bad that you dont want to give them to a
possible employer or similar. Just for you information, the printer works
perfectly under win 98 with canon drivers so its not any problems with the

I would be glad if anyone could point me in the direction where to find such
a driver, searching the WWW gives just a lot of un interesting stuff.

btw, i would appreciate if answares also could be sent to my e-mail due to
the heavy massage load of the newsgoup.


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