TI/Acer TravelMate 7000 + RH5.1

TI/Acer TravelMate 7000 + RH5.1

Post by Doug Jacob » Wed, 19 Aug 1998 04:00:00

I'm having problems putting RH5.1 on my TI/Acer TravelMate 7000.

The laptop is a 166MMX, 32M ram, 2.1G hard drive, and I *think* it just
has PCMCIA (I don't have a CardBus card to confirm...)  Win95 reports
very little about the chipset..only that it is a PCIC compatible PCI to
PCMCIA bridge.

From my previous experience with laptops, that alone made me cringe, but
it seems to work well enough under Win95.

Anyways, on to my problem.

I was able to repartition the drive and put RH5.0 on with no problems
(other than the video - NeoMagic - which I've read how to fix.)  However
at work, we just got a 5.1 CD so I thought I'd give it a try.

After I select my keyboard, the screen scrolls and says:

Cirrus PD6729 found, 2 sockets
Sending termination
(Laptop reboots)

At first, I thought this was because of the PCMCIA card I had inserted -
a 3Com 3C589D (10Mbps card), so I removed it and tried again.  Same thing

The TM7000 must be fairly new, as I've seen no information about it on
any Linux website (yes, I found the Linux Laptop page).  Even Acer has
no information on this thing...what is it, a stealth laptop? ;)

Again, 5.0 installation went just fine.


1. PS2 port problem on a TI TravelMate 7000

Hi folks,
I've installed Slackware 7.0 onto my TI Travelmate 7000 laptop and
downloaded the latest synaptics (2.2) driver for the touchpad from the
Though the compilation was successful, the driver isnt working, the
error is unable to open /dev/psaux. I've checked whether the kernel
(2.2.13) have ps2 mouse support (it does), and again compiled a kernel
by myself. Unfortunately kernel does not recognize ps2 port during
initialization and therefore I cant even use an external mouse for X.
However, the touchpad works perfectly with NT 4.0 workstation, and whenever
I attach an external ps/2 mouse into the port, I can use it without any
problems. GPM is not running on the computer. I know the problem is
probably related with ps2 port, yet I dont know how to correct it. I really
appreciate any suggestion.
Happy linux,

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