Autoloader for Linux

Autoloader for Linux

Post by MICHAEL WALDMAN » Fri, 10 Jan 1997 04:00:00


I want to connect a "SCSI DAT Autoloader" to a PC (with Adaptec 1542CP
SCSI Controller) running Linux, but I have no information which
Autoloader is supported by Linux (Kernel 2.0.0). Does anyone have such a
configuration or know something about this theme?

Thanks, Michael


1. Tape-Autoloader for linux?


we have a linux-server (P233/SCSI) and I will install
an autoloader, f.examp. HP C1559A/B (24x6E) or another
machine within 6 tapes changes automaticaly over cron-
script or other software.

But it seems to be impossible to find some Hard- and
Software wich works with linux. :-((((((

Have anybody an idea? Please let me know!

Best regards


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phone: +49-(0)7144/5631


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