GFC2206 LAN adapter

GFC2206 LAN adapter

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Does this one work with Linux? Any ideas???

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1. IP-Forwarding PPP-LAN but not LAN-LAN


We have a Linux-Server (SuSE6.2) with 2 network-cards (different
TCP/IP-networks on each card).
We cannot allow any IP-Forwarding between these two cards.

Now - the problem is that we also want to use a modem for a PPP-connection
to one of these TCP/IP-networks.
At the moment this is only working when we set IP_FORWARDING to "yes"; but
now the Linux-Server may also
forward IP-traffic between both network cards.

I'm looking for a simple solution to solve this problem.
I haven't yet worked with firewalls, but in my opinion I will need to use

Does anyone have any experiences / hints to help me in this problem?

Thanks in advance

Martin Pauly

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