Linux Laptops - Panasonic CF-45 Toughbook.

Linux Laptops - Panasonic CF-45 Toughbook.

Post by Richar » Mon, 23 Nov 1998 04:00:00


I'm looking to purchase a laptop, and the specs / price of this machine seem
attractive... esp. considering it has lots of 'ruggedized features.' (1200
/ $2000 approx).

Does anyone have experience with this machine and Linux? (Or just experience
of it generally - eg. good/bad keyboard, display, etc).

Perhaps you have recommendations of other good laptops for using with Linux?
(I'm looking at the 1500 ($2500 approx.) at the most I can afford).
Display, keyboard, and battery life have to be the key features I'm
interested in.

Any info. greatly appreciated...

ANTISPAM EMAIL: richard dot owen at mcmail dot com


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modules out there and if so can you provide procedure.

Any info anybody could provide would be appreciated.

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