IBM 8514 monitor

IBM 8514 monitor

Post by Orlando Johns » Wed, 20 Sep 1995 04:00:00

I am trying to use an IBM 8514 monitor with linux/XF86.

Can anyone give me the specifications (horizontal sync(s),vertical sync(s),
bandwidth) for the 8514 monitor ? I don't even know if the 8514 is
multisync jor not. IBM wants me to pay for the information. I hope I
can get it for free.



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Troubles getting the an old monitor running anything else that 640x480. I
used sax on suse 6.1 s3 virge agp graphic card 4mb.
according to the docs that I found on the web the monitor has
hor 35.5-35.5  and vert 60-70 I entered these into the advanced monitor
settings since the 8514 is not in the list.
how can I get to the 1024x786 in 87hz interlaced

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