ATI Mach64 and XFree86

ATI Mach64 and XFree86

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If anyone out there has the config files for XFree86 for an ATI Mach64 2mb VRAM with a Generic
Monitor I'd be very grateful if you could help me out.  I have everything working with the generic VGA
server, but I'd lke to get a little more than 640x480 out of it.  Please respond via e-mail.

Thanks in advance.
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1. ATI Mach64 PCIQ: ATI Mach64 PCI, Xwindow problems ?

You should install XFree86 3.1.  Its Mono, VGA16 and SVGA servers include
(unaccelerated) support for Mach64's.  For an accelerated server, you'll
have to wait until XFree86 >=3.2.

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